The Grunge Glam Look

How is it October already?!

I promised myself I’d write more about life in general, but life itself has been really hectic the past few months – not that I’m complaining though! Waking up early to rehearse for fashion shows, finding ways to avoid traffic in order get to my shoots on time, and running around the city to get to events are slowly becoming my weekly routine. (I also seem to spend more time on the road than off it.. Manila traffic is getting way out of hand.)

Recently, it occurred to me that I never have enough time to prep my hair; and by preparing, I mean applying different hairstyles. I usually just blow dry (err, maybe more of air dry) my hair and brush it out. I’m not trying sound vain, it’s just that there are some days you want to fix up your hair for a change, know what I mean? I should probably wake up earlier, or add another hour as allowance, but that’s not how I operate. Unless it’s a special occasion (read: formal gatherings), I normally don’t have the patience to curl my hair. Beside that, I was born with naturally straight hair so making the curls last the entire day would require a lot of hairspray, and it usually only works when done by a pro because I end up missing a bunch of strands..


Anyway.. After attempting different hairstyles, I finally found THE ONE ‘do I can accomplish on my own: slicked back hair, a.k,a the Grunge Glam look!

This sleek style has always been one of my personal favorites as it doesn’t require much tools, nor does it take up so much of your time. If you’re going for something classy yet edgy, this look definitely makes the cut!

Feel free to check out my FIRST ever video tutorial (and first ever video I had to talk in lol), which wouldn’t have been possible if not for All Things Hair Philippines! I’ve never performed/acted on stage, nor do I have any experience of public speaking so I really hope you guys take it easy on me!

If you’re curiousΒ to find out where I got my outfit from, head to ZaloraΒ now!


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