La Union: Leaving With The Tides

My friends and I needed a getaway. My boyfriend, Greggy, wanted to go to the beach before the UAAP Football season started for him. My friends suggested La Union. The first time I was there was for my Fencing team building and we didn’t really get to see the beach because we were deeper in the province. So without hesitating, I said why not!

I did not know what adventure I was getting myself into. Lol.

It felt like forever to get to San Juan, La Union. Feeling a bit venturesome, Greggy and I decided to head up to La Union by bus last January 22. We originally planned to head up late at night with our friends but because we wanted to make the most out of our weekend and the trip, we decided to meet them there instead as they couldn’t get out of work early. (Taking advantage of my last two weeks of unemployment, and him still being a student!)

It took us EIGHT (8?!?!) hours to get to La Union. I started my day by picking Greggy up from his football training in Rizal Memorial so we could catch the 10AM trip. I thought we’d get lucky and that it would only take us less than an hour to get to Partas’ Pasay branch from Taft. I was so wrong; traffic was horrible and we ended up missing the trip. Fortunately, we acted quickly and headed straight to the Cubao branch to make it to their 12PM trip. The ride itself was okay, there were just way too many stops to pick up random passengers along the way and every official stopover took at least twenty to thirty minutes. Aside from our bums and legs getting numb from sitting down the entire day, the seats were actually pretty comfy; they’re more spacious than Cebu Pacific’s planes and at least the air-con was on full blast. The only mistake we made was not packing some real food for lunch. (Our first legitimate meal was when we got to La Union, at around 9PM..)

According to my friend who also took the Partas bus to La Union, it only took them FOUR (4!!) hours to get there from the Cubao branch.. But that was because they left at 1 in the morning. So for those interested in taking the bus there, you know what time to go!

My friends and I stayed at San Juan Surf Resort. We paid PHP 2,500.00 for two nights and that’s what I call value for money! The rooms were kind of cramped, but it was clean and well-maintained so I really didn’t mind. You know what added major points though? The bathroom had a bidet.

Aside from being beach front, their restaurant, Coast Call, had really AMAZING food. Well, most of the restaurants we ate in were really good and affordable so you really can’t compare. For someone who barely eats rice, I had three cups a day.

I’m not a fan of beaches (gasp) unless the sand is soft. So you can say I was extremely happy to find out how smooth the sand felt under the water. It was also my first time to surf and I’m really glad I tried it out! Most of my friends know I’m accident prone, hence taking some convincing I wasn’t going to break my leg or get hit on the head by the board. Unless you want an arm workout, I definitely suggest you hire a guide to help you get through the waves.

Surf. Eat. Drink. Sleep. Now I understand why everyone just loves La Union. After that trip, count me in as one of them. I already can’t wait to go back!

And if you’re wondering whether or not Greggy and I took the bus home, we didn’t. We rode with our friends as planned. Maybe that’s another story for another day.

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