JBL Launches Concept Store At Festival Mall

Last December 16, I was invited to by JBL to attend their newest concept store’s launch in Festival Mall, Alabang. Being from the North area, it was quite a trip to take, but it was definitely worth it! They had a one day sale for their Charge 3 speakers  (I was SO sad about this because I literally just GOT the Charge 2 speakers a few days before the event…) and some harman/kardon products. They went as low as 40% – which is huge because tech products RARELY go on sale. The most they discount they give usually ranges from 10-15% only!

If you were planning to invest on new speakers as a Christmas gift to yourself, I honestly recommend you to go for JBL. If you’re willing to splurge and go all out, then get harman/kardon. They’re like the speakers I dream of owning when I have my own place. Lol.

I’m not saying it’s a great brand just because I was invited to the launch – I’m saying it because both my boyfriend and I actually bought speakers from JBL. (He was first, though. I got jealous and wanted my own so I decided to get one early this December.) We got the Charge 2 (not seen on the photos) because we wanted something we could use during parties and small get togethers.

However, if you’re not planning to get bigger speakers, then I’d like to introduce to you the Clip 2 which was just launched last Spring 2016.

The Clip 2 is perfect for you if:

  • You need something lightweight, easy to carry around, and durable. (And by durable, I mean being able to drop it without getting a mini heart attack.)
  • Need it a bit loud, but not party level loud
  • You’re on a 3-grand budget
  • You’re clumsy like me and want something waterproof just in case you spill a drink on it
  • You want to listen to music while in the shower. For real though. It’s waterproof.
  • You like it hanging around on random hooks (looking for random spots where I can clip these speakers on is currently my favorite thing to do when I’m at home)

Don’t be fooled by its small size though – the sound it can emit can take you by surprise.

P.S. Can you spot the Clip 2? If you find a really good hiding spot on your tree, I bet the kids won’t even figure out where the music will be coming from. Lol.

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JBL’s newest concept store is located at the
Upper Ground Floor, New Wing, Festival Mall, Alabang
For more information, check out
http://ph.jbl.com and http://ph.harmankardon.com
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