Goodvybes 2016

First concert of the year and it was definitely one to remember! I wasn’t able to make it to Stars due to the insane Manila traffic ⎯ I was stuck on EDSA for two hours on a Saturday but that was my fault because I didn’t fix my schedule earlier.. (Or I can just tell the truth and admit that it was my brother’s fault I wasn’t able to make it. My mom had the car pick him up but then he didn’t even go home with it! So the car could have saved a trip/gas and I would have made it to Stars if my brother had told us in advance that he had found another ride home. Grr.)

Oh Wonder was just stellar. And yes, Michael Angelakos (Passion Pit in case you guys didn’t know), reached all the high notes perfectly. He sang all my favorites so that totally made up for rescheduling on us last year.

(Also, I just found out we have the same birthday!?! I kinda freaked out at first. It’s not a big deal but it’s pretty cool how we have something in common.)

Sharing with you guys some of the photos I took during the concert, mainly Oh Wonder and Passion Pit. I took a few short videos of their performances as well and if I have enough time and energy, I might just try experimenting on making a short clip. We’ll see.

(Did I mentioned I just started working recently? No? Maybe in my next entry then.)


Yeah, they love you when they need you
But someday you’re gonna need to
Find some other kind of place to go, oh
– Constant Conversations, Passion Pit



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