Craving For Adventure

Top 3 things on my mind right now:

  1. I’m going to La Union this coming Friday!Β Finally going on a road trip and hitting the beach after months! Any suggestions on where to go and what to do aside from enjoying the view and surfing?
  2. Back in Tumblr, people used to frequently ask me for book recommendations or what book I was currently reading. Planning to start a weekly/monthly (depending on how busy I am) book list! Yes or no? If you guys have a bunch of books you’d like to share with me and everyone else, go ahead and leave a comment below!
  3. I’m getting a new camera!!! (Sorry, just had to share this. Can’t wait to take photos of La Union!)

P.S. Aside from organizing garage sales, does anyone know where I can sell pre-loved/barely used branded clothing? I was cleaning up my closet and I realized I had a ton of clothes I hardly wore from the past two years! Most of them were given and don’t fit me well whileΒ the rest were purchased on a whim. Help!

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