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When packing for the beach or outdoor trips, I try my best to only bring what’s essential and practical to use. For my Boracay trip, I decided to bring the new Belo Baby Cologne collection. It comes in three scents: Cool Drizzle, Sweet Snuggle, and Happy Tickle. Each bottle was only 100mL so it didn’t really add any weight nor did it take up much space in my luggage. To those who have sensitive skin, fear not because it’s hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested to be perfect for all skin types!

I’m quite glad I made the right decision on bringing these babies along because they’re light and easy to carry around! It may not have been the peak of summer in Boracay but that doesn’t mean it didn’t get hot. It may have been windy, but my friends and I would still break a sweat whenever we’d walk to D-mall from Station 1 to grab some lunch. We’d have grilled barbecue, sisig, and ribs so we would constantly smell like food and the sun after every meal. Luckily, I had a bottle of cologne to freshen myself up after eating. (Did I mention that the Belo colognes are made with ingredients that moisturize and soothe the skin as well? No? Well, now you know!)

Sweet SnuggleHappy Tickle

During my stay in Boracay, I would switch up the colognes and try a new one every day. I used the Cool Drizzle after swimming because it made me feel like I just took a shower; the Happy Tickle for walking around the beach and taking a bunch of photos because of its fruity and fun scent; and the Sweet Snuggle for when we’d go out for to have some snacks and cocktails by the pool since it has a floral and sweet smell!

Cool Drizzle

Personally, my favorite scent is the Cool Drizzle. Its classic, fresh scent reminds me of my grade school days. My mom used to remind me to pack a small bottle of baby cologne to put on after lunch or PE classes because I was prone to sweating a lot. She would later mention that another form of having good manners is having good hygiene.

I’m glad to have been introduced to the #BeloBabyCologne, and to be part of the #Scentsational Squad as well! Rekindle your childhood and your love for baby cologne by trying out their products – I guarantee it will not disappoint!

Remember that smelling good has a certain way of making you feel good about yourself, and this often results to having a more positive output in life!

Belo Baby Cologne

Belo Baby Cologne
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