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Last April 9, I attended my first wedding of the year. I rarely get invited to weddings (well, it’s always just my mom that gets invited), nor do I get asked to be play an important role in the wedding or in the reception. But this time was different. This time, I was asked to be the commentator of the mass and the host for the reception. (The host part was last minute since their original host backed out a day before the wedding. Me being unprepared was an understatement.)

Ever since my cousin, Jecelle, and Paolo got together, I always knew they would end up together. I saw how they planned their wedding without depending much on the events planner (crazy, I know) and I’ve seen how much effort they put in in order for their dream wedding to come true. It may not have the grandest wedding to others out there, but to me, it was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve attended.

Maybe it’s because I’m older now and that’s why I can appreciate weddings more. Or maybe it’s because I watched them grow into the couple they are today and that’s what made me so happy. I knew that their hard work was finally paying off, and that they were finally getting the happiness they deserved. Either way, it was a wedding I’d truly remember for the rest of my life.

People do get lucky.
People do fall in love with the right people.
And people do get second, third, and sometimes, fourth chances in life.


Here are some snippets of what went down that weekend:

My family used my cousin’s wedding as an excuse to get out of the city and go on a short vacation. (Because why not right?) We checked in Seda, Nuvali and sorta took over the pool and the game room.

ePrimroseCotton Candy Swimsuit | @byprimrose

I brought my newest swimsuit from Primrose Swimwear and I’m glad I did because it was so easy to swim around in it! I actually got to do a couple of laps without worrying about any possible slips.

For me, one piece neoprenes are usually a hit or miss because they’re usually too short on my torso because the material doesn’t stretch as much as the others. This suit from Primrose was definitely a hit though! The length was just right and it didn’t ride up my hipbone. Plus points for the summer color combination as well!

Although it’s not seen here, I also like using kimono jackets as a cover-up after swimming. Check out Zalora and stock up on some summer cover-ups!


Getting ready for the wedding took me forever. Since I recently started getting into makeup, I decided it was time to put into good use all those months of practicing and watching makeup artists during my shows and shoots.

All in all, it took me around 2 hours to get this look. I’m not so sure why I took that long but I was just really glad I didn’t screw up!

The wedding was held in the Montecito Chapel, Angel Fields, Cavite. We barely got to take any photos of the place because the sun was too bright and we had to get ready for the ceremony. 🙁

After the ceremony, we had an hour to kill before heading to the reception so I decided it was time to take advantage of the well-decorated place while the sun was still out. I just had to get a bunch of shots wearing my gown from Rosenthal Tee since she made it specially for me to wear at this event. I couldn’t help it; the dress made me feel like a princess!


The Perfect Gown | Rosenthal Tee

I was really lucky Rosenthal Tee was able to fit me in her tight schedule and make me a simple yet elegant salmon pink gown. For a designer who just recently did New York Fashion Week, and after finding out that she teaches in SoFA, her being able to make time for me increased my appreciation for the dress even more.

On our first fitting, I told her that the design was completely up to her. I shot her most recent collection and loved every single dress I wore so I had complete faith in her. I just mentioned that it was going to be a sort of bohemian themed wedding and the color motif was mostly pastels so maybe a light pink or nude shade would be nice. Three weeks later, the gown was perfectly complete.

DSCF4588Pedro Shoes

The moment I tried on the dress, I knew exactly what shoes to get. I’d been eyeing these heels from Pedro, but I told myself I wouldn’t get them until I saw the gown. I’m a bit OC when it comes to my outfits so I wanted to make sure that both my heels and gown would complement each other.

My mom was quite worried about me wearing and walking around grass and cobble stones in heels this high for a long time. I was, too, at first. Then, I remembered that I specifically chose these heels not only because of the unique color (where else can you find nice blush pink heels??), but because it had a platform in front.

(Another reason I wanted them so badly was because Manila Fashion Festival was coming up and I desperately needed nude heels!)

Honest opinion: Never ever buy 4 or 5-inched heels that don’t have a platform unless they’re just going to be used for a shoot or for a sit-down dinner. I’ve walked in heels like those and felt like crawling after a few hours of wearing them. Trust me, those kind of heels are best worn when you know you won’t doing a lot of walking.

A dreamy reception

DSCF4718 DSCF4730

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